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Case Study: Boosting Growth for CMAI through Performance Marketing.

Performance Marketing
Website Development


CMAI, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India, is a stalwart institution in the Indian apparel industry with a rich history spanning over five decades. Representing the interests of over 20,000 member companies, including garment manufacturers, exporters, retailers, and ancillary industries, CMAI plays a pivotal role in advocating for the Indian apparel sector’s growth and development.


CMAI approached our digital marketing agency to leverage performance marketing to achieve the following objectives:

Increase Membership: CMAI sought to expand its membership base and attract new members to reinforce its position as a prominent industry association.

Boost Event Participation: CMAI annually organizes multiple major events like the National Garment Fair and Regional Garment Fairs. The association aimed to drive higher participation and engagement in these events.

Global Recognition: To enhance its global footprint, CMAI wanted to be recognized as an influential voice on prestigious international forums such as the International Apparel Federation and the Asian Apparel Federation.

Strategy: Performance Marketing Mix

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Targeted Keywords: We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-intent keywords related to the Indian apparel industry, membership associations, and international forums.

Google Ads Campaigns: We ran Google Ads campaigns with ad groups targeting specific keywords. These ads directed users to CMAI’s website for membership registration, event information, and updates on international affiliations.

Display Advertising:

Remarketing: We implemented remarketing campaigns to re-engage website visitors who had shown interest but did not complete their membership applications or event registrations.

Engaging Display Ads: Engaging ad creatives highlighting the benefits of CMAI membership and the significance of its events were designed to attract attention.


Membership Growth: Within the first six months of implementing performance marketing strategies, CMAI witnessed a significant increase in online membership applications, with a 33% growth in new members.

Event Engagement: Event participation and engagement rose substantially, with attendance at the National Garment Fair and Regional Garment Fairs reaching an all-time high, contributing to the growth of the apparel market in India. With the increase in total number of visitors we also managed to majorly increase online registration which contributed to 56% of the total registration. Earlier the online registration rate was 28%. With ease of registration devised by our team and a hassle proof funnel setup we managed to massively increase the online registration.

International Recognition: CMAI was recognized on the global stage, participating actively in international forums and discussions related to the apparel industry. This enhanced its reputation and positioned it as a global influencer in the sector. We are currently partnering with CMAI on their first ever show in Dubai which has already garnered a lot of interest and registrations from across the world.


Performance marketing strategies implemented by our digital marketing agency were pivotal in driving CMAI towards its objectives of membership growth, increased event engagement and registrations, and international recognition. Through a targeted and data-driven approach, CMAI achieved substantial growth and solidified its position as a leading association in the Indian apparel industry, setting an example for other industry associations to follow.

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