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We are a team of young, dynamic and passionate individuals thriving to provide creative solutions to our partners in order to achieve results in the most optimized and timely manner.

What We Do

We strongly believe in the concept of partnerships and our clients are our partners. We grow when our partners grow. So we are on this journey together!

The success of any one of us is the success of all of us. It is important to create relationships, spaces and situations where we can make brave choices, our partners can make brave decisions, and together we can achieve greater heights! Our partners can rely on us any time of the and we will be there for you!

Digital Marketing

Strategy / Execution / ROI Focused

We provide a complete Digital solution tailored to your brand and its requirement. Well thought of strategy, pinpoint execution and a result oriented plan is what we would provide you.

Good content marketing will bring your business more web traffic, better quality leads and improved brand awareness. It will help you develop long-lasting relationships that not only retain your customers but also bring them back.

Content marketing is much more than just writing good copy – although that’s certainly important. Great content marketing allows you to connect with your customers outside of normal transactional experiences, developing deeper and longer-lasting relationships that keep customers coming back to your site and your social profiles.

In today’s world, we can feel inundated with marketing emails, filling up our inbox and providing us with nothing.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your message is timely, relevant and helpful to your audience. We can help you do that.
We not only design emailers but help our clients draw up proper campaigns and execute it on behalf of them.

Email is both an art and a science. We at A&B Digital, take a scientific approach to creating thoughtful and engaging customer experiences. In a world where marketing messages are everywhere, you need to ensure your marketing campaigns are relevant and timely.

Your brand is your business. It is what you are, who you are and what your entire reputation depends upon.

For a great brand to resonate, engage and remain in the hearts and minds of its intended audience, it needs to be constantly monitored, especially in a digital world that’s constantly evolving.

Your words are a direct conversation with your customers.

So to make sure all your communications are as rewarding, effective and valuable as possible we’ll create your own personal copy guidelines to define your own way of speaking. We’ll examine your brand personality and show how its human characteristics – inventive, disruptive, professional, friendly, expert, proactive and so on – play out in everything you say.

Influencer Marketing can be considered as a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of the celebrity endorsement and placing it into a modern day content-driven marketing campaign. The main difference is that the results of the campaign are usually collaborations between brands and influencers.

With the growing impact of small influencers creating huge sales for growing brands, every major brand has jumped on to the influencer marketing bandwagon. Influencer marketing generates great leads and sales for multiple brands.

We at A&B Digital study your brand and arrange influencers from our network who would be a perfect fit for your brand. Post that we design and execute campaigns which in return generate great leads & sales.

Website Development

Exquisite / User Friendly / Responsive

We take pride in creating creatively crafted beautiful websites with the focus on the user journey. Our websites have a refreshing new age look while following the best technical standards

Understanding the level of work required to deliver a project and the way in which we’ll do so in a timely and on budget manner is crucial for business to work and goals to be achieved.

During the research phase we gather all the information we can regarding your business, your market, your customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project

Your website is your shop front. It’s what people see, engage with and what builds your business, brand, and reputation.

Through our understanding of the brand & research, we strive to bring form and function together beautifully.

We thrive to bring you the most aesthetically pleasing functional website custom made to fit your brand and your requirements. We make sure the customer journey through the website is effortless and helps us achieve awareness or sale as quickly as possible.

Our website solutions are creative, functional and highly engaging. We bring clarity and simplicity to this complex discipline and keep at the forefront of the key technologies and trends that direct the online world.

With over 6+ years of development experience in the field of Website development we have created and delivered multiple types of websites, be it E-commerce portals, Blogs, Directory listing sites, Portfolio websites, Corporate websites or Basic landing pages.

We have not just inculcated the best international standards in our development process but we also make sure we are up to date with all the recent changes in our field we are always evolving and try to bring the best solutions to our clients.

Websites simply just don’t work without a secure hosting and maintenance system in place.  We’ve got our team managing and monitoring all the hosting provided by us.

Post delivery of the website we provide a maintenance contract which can be availed by the client on a monthly basis, wherein we provide website security,updates to your website, adding or deleting pages and various other such custom services catered and designed to suit you.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging Campaigns / Appealing creatives / Detailed targeting

We plan and create custom campaigns which are focused on getting the optimum results. Focussed targeting and creative designs helps brands build a genuine and supportive follower base.

In order to make an impact, your social media strategy needs to engage with the right audience. Our social media audit analyzes who your audiences are, what they are talking about,  and on what sites in order to build a strategy to drive engagement.

We carry out a full audit across all of our your social media channels. During our social media audit, we use a variety of tools to dive deep into your social presence, assess your social media performance, we analyze competitors’ activity and make recommendations for your social channels that align with your business objectives.

In today’s crowded digital landscape, your content can easily go unnoticed if it fails to stand out from the crowd or doesn’t reach your target audience, so a strong content asset must always be followed by a strong promotional plan.

Whether the goal of your content marketing campaign is lead generation, brand awareness, or social sharing, social media amplification is the vehicle that will drive your content marketing strategy to success. Social media amplification helps you engage your audience by sharing content that actually resonates with their wants and needs. It also helps your brand stand out from the crowd as a trusted thought leader in your industry. If your content is shared by a qualified audience, it generates positive conversations about your brand and helps you achieve your content marketing goals.

At A&B we believe in providing a wholesome 360 package to our partners, we provide Reputation management services as well to help brands ward off negative reviews and interactions and help create and maintain a strong positive image in the market.

Paid social is an important and effective channel for engaging with and converting & retaining your consumers. As the social networks look to generate more revenue, marketers have to pay to achieve big social results. Advanced targeting and achieving massive reach make it an attractive option for many marketers worldwide. We help your partners understand where their consumers are interacting online and the best way to engage with them.

Social Media is always considered to be a platform where creative arts thrive and succeed, people are instinctively driven towards aesthetically pleasing graphical designs and to make thing even more memorable we at A&B make sure to give it a good touch of creativity, so your graphics will stand out from the crowd while being aesthetically beautiful.

Content on the other hand doesn’t just serve the purpose of making your consumers understand your products but also to get them involved with it. We make sure we provide our partners with a  creative and comprehensive copy. Our team makes sure everything that is delivered to our partners is of the highest of standards.


Crisp/ User Journey focussed / consistent

We focus on making clean designs with customer usability as our priority. The ease of customer flow through the app and the appealing aesthetics make our designs standout from the competition.

During the research phase, we gather all the information we can regarding your business, your market, your customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project.

It’s about really understanding the problem before we begin to solve it. We gather information from various sources ranging from personal interview, research articles, market trend analysis, etc.

Without proper research and data to back you up while structuring and creating the design will lead to designs which are not viable from a business standpoint so we

We believe in mantra of ‘Diverge before you converge.’ We give our self time to explore both the obvious and less obvious solutions to a design problem which always leads to a better outcome, so we factor time into all our projects to allow for a quick and free exploration of possible solutions. This helps us to think out of the box and give our partners unique solutions.

We never consider designing UI & UX a single handed task, We at A&B will constantly sit and ideate your team as we believe no one understands your business better than you do. As a group we achieve better more precise results.

We create and use user and task flow diagrams to map the interactions of a user as they navigate through a sequence or complete a task. These diagrams detail all the possible choices, outcomes, scenarios and possible errors that the user might come across, and are an effective way of defining all the screens or states required before diving into the actual interface design.

Here you can understand the user flow in complete detail an we can also use this to get an optimum flow to achieve the goal in hand. Our goal is to always achieve targeted movement in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Graphic Designing

Creative / Attractive / Custom

We provide creative designs custom made for your requirements always in the agreed timeframes. We can provide Graphics across all platforms online as well as offline as per your needs.

Graphic designing on the digital platform is one of the most important way to get your customer to notice you. The first contact the user has with your brand is on the graphical front, we make sure to deliver consistent appealing graphic content for our clients to use on varied digital platforms.

Based on your requirements and after understanding the tastes of your target audience we create our graphics. Connecting to your target audience through the graphical medium while focusing on the task on hand will always be our priority.

Our clients have a varied set of requirements and we are here to cater all of their requirements at one place. We use our creativity and designing prowess to deliver some high quality print graphics.

We have designed graphics for various print marketing material ranging from visiting cards, food menus, banners, standees, brochures to various stationery items for our clients across multiple different industries.

A logo is one of the first and most vital things a customer or your prospective partner is going to notice, it defines you beyond the barriers of language or your scope of business.

Logo designing requires a lot of aspects to achieve the desired results. We start from the basics we go to our drawing boards to conceptualize and create a logo which defines the brand. We understand the USP’s of the brand and try to inculcate in the designs leading to top notch classy designs with a meaning behind them. We continuously coordinate with our partners throughout the designing and framing process this helps us achieve the best possible results.


Keywords / Execution / Analytics

All our SEO and SEM efforts are ROI focussed. Carefully crafted campaigns and systemic execution is what we provides. Proper and timely analytical reports are provided to our partners.

The SEO audits we conduct are deep-dives into all aspects technical. We present our recommendations in an actionable, easy-to-understand format, supported by associated crawl data. Following completion, our technical SEO support service helps assist your development team in implementing fixes as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Or, if you’d rather we do it for you, we have the developers in-house to get started on your call!

Our Audits include study of – Crawl analysis,Mobile optimization,Technical duplication,Content indexation,Duplicate content,Page attributes,Content serving,Crawl errors and deficiencies (400 errors, 500 errors, etc),Image optimization,Internal link structure,HTML sitemaps,XML sitemaps,Page speed,Structured data, rich snippets & schema,Social integration, Open graph tags, Twitter cards,External elements,Index status,URL structures & overly dynamic URLs,Usage of frames,Domain age & Error pages.

Quality online content is becoming increasing essential. Our team performs content audits to check that your website content, structure and markup are in line with your overall marketing strategy altogether.

We ensure that the completed research and development stages inform how content is structured and marked on the pages of your site throughout the content audit phase. We’ll cover content length, type, positioning, tone of voice and also suggest the placement of newly created assets if there are opportunities for media which don’t already exist. Our content audit also includes optimizing images, videos and any other fundamental content elements or assets.

All things calculated our team then delivers you top notch well written content suited for your business. We focus on delivering quality content to not jut optimize our SEO but also satisfy your customers needs.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO ranking – great ones will increase your chances of ranking well, while a weak backlink profile could lead to poor performance and in worst cases to you getting blacklisted from major search engines. Our backlink analysis identifies your strengths and weaknesses and helps us design a plan for you accordingly.

A backlink analysis allows us to identify both strengths and weaknesses within your link profile. This enables us to:

  • Identify and remove unnatural or toxic links where necessary
  • Ensure that your website’s backlink profile follows best practice guidelines and avoids algorithmic or manual penalties
  • Create an approach to earning the right types of links for your SEO campaign

In today’s fast moving world, people tend to have lack of patience and also major search engines have noticed this factor. The faster your website loads the higher it gets rated in the rankings. No one wants stay on the loading screen for a long amount of time, they would probably switch to a website that loads faster, especially in this highly competitive time.

We provide our clients with high speed hosting service with proper management. We have our team monitoring and managing your hosting 24×7 so that you can rest easy and get faster loading times throughout our contract.


We look forward to hear from you, we would be happy to help you with your requirement!

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