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DocSta Institute

Docsta Institute is a premier professional training, certification, and skill-development centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE established under the Patronage of the Private Office of Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

Social Media
Performance Marketing


Our objective is to increase brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales for Docsta Institute through social media marketing and performance marketing.

Target Audience

The target audience for Docsta Institute is professionals and students who want to upskill in various fields like PMP, Python, Graphic Designing, etc. The target age group is between 18-35 years old that are looking for opportunities to upskill themselves and become employable or progress in their careers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

As social media is the primary platform for Docsta Institute’s target audience, our social media strategy will be focused on creating brand awareness and generating leads through various social media channels. The following social media platforms will be used to achieve the objective:


We will create and manage the Facebook page for Docsta Institute. We post regular updates about the courses, events, and webinars hosted by the institute. Additionally, we run dedicated custom Facebook ads for each of the priority courses to reach a wider audience and generate leads.


Instagram is a visual platform, and we use it to showcase the institute’s courses, events, and webinars. We post stories and reels to keep the audience engaged and informed not just about the course but about the respective topics as well.

Performance Marketing Strategy:

Performance marketing is a cost-effective way to generate leads and drive sales. Our performance marketing strategy will include the following:

Google Ads:

We will run Google Ads to target people who are searching for digital marketing courses online. We will create ads for various courses offered by Docsta Institute and target specific keywords related to digital marketing.

Display Ads:

We will run display ads on relevant websites to reach a wider audience and generate leads.

Remarketing Ads:

We will run remarketing ads to target people who have visited the Docsta Institute website but did not enrol in any course. These ads will remind them of the courses and events hosted by the institute.


Our social media marketing and performance marketing strategies have helped Docsta Institute increase its brand awareness, generate leads and drive sales. We have managed an increase the total website visitors by over 930% in just 3 months and generated over 570 leads via our campaigns in the same duration. With our expertise and experience in digital marketing, we are confident that we will achieve the desired results for Doc’s Institute.

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