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ZOLA Fashions

ZOLA is a leading fashion brand selling designer ethnic and western wear at an affordable price.

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Zola Fashions is a well-known Indian women’s ethnic wear brand that offers a wide range of clothing options to women across the country and internationally. As a digital marketing agency, our objective was to help Zola enhance its online presence and increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales. We worked with Zola for over 36 months and implemented a range of digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and performance marketing.


When Zola approached us, they faced several challenges, including a lack of brand awareness and a weak online presence. The brand was relatively new to the digital space, and their social media presence was not as strong as it could be. They had a website, but it was not optimized for search engines, which meant that potential customers were struggling to find them online. Additionally, they had just started their digital marketing journey and needed guidance to understand the best strategies for their brand.


To address Zola’s challenges, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included the following components:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We conducted a thorough SEO audit of Zola’s website and identified several areas that needed improvement. We optimized the website for keywords that potential customers were searching for, such as “Indian women’s ethnic wear,” “Kurtis,” and “Palazzo sets.” We also optimized the website’s meta tags, descriptions, and headings to improve its visibility on search engines. With our extensive research and execution, we managed to rank the brand in the first page in more than 290 valuable keywords over the course of time.

Social Media Marketing

We developed a social media marketing strategy for Zola that included regular posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We created high-quality visual content that showcased Zola’s products and engaged with customers through contests, giveaways, and polls. We also helped the team to device multiple ways to respond promptly to customer queries and complaints, which helped build trust, credibility and better sales.

Performance Marketing

Our main target as an agency was to drive more sales and valid online traffic to, he website with the help of our ad campaigns across mainly 2 platforms i.e., Facebook ads (Facebook and Instagram) & with the help of Google AdWords. We religiously advertised month on month paired with multiple online campaigns such as contests, offers, etc. We ran multiple ads every month targeting women across India, this not only helped us build amazing brand recognition but brand loyalty over the period of 36 months as well.


Our digital marketing strategies helped Zola achieve remarkable growth and success. In the last 36 months, Zola’s website traffic increased by more than 1083%, and their social media following grew by over 230%. Their sales also increased by a whopping 7600%, and they were able to expand their product line and enter new markets. We also managed to increase the customer return ratio drastically, while maintaining an increasing conversion ratio. Additionally, Zola was able to establish itself as a leading brand in the Indian women’s ethnic wear market, with high brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Our digital marketing strategies helped Zola achieve significant growth and success and recognition over the course of our partnership. By leveraging the power of SEO, social media marketing, and performance marketing, we were able to help Zola establish itself as a leading brand in the Indian women’s ethnic wear market. As a digital marketing agency, we are proud of our collaboration with Zola and the results we achieved together.

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