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Eleftheria is an online cheese shop making multi award-winning, world class artisanal cheeses in Mumbai.

Performance Marketing


Eleftheria Cheese is an international award-winning artisanal cheesemaker based in Mumbai, India. They specialize in producing high-quality handmade cheeses, made from locally sourced ingredients. Being a prominent player in India’s artisanal cheese landscape, we wanted to make sure we end up at the top as a brand leader.


Our objective is to increase the overall digital brand awareness and presence of the brand while focusing on increasing online sales for Eleftheria Cheese through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Target Audience

The target audience is primarily health-conscious individuals, foodies and cheese connoisseurs who are looking for high-quality, locally sourced artisanal cheeses. Our initial primary target market was individuals located in Mumbai, but the brand is also interested in expanding into all Tier 1 cities around India.


We devised a strategy to first build awareness on all digital platforms, the first month was used to lay the foundation for the brand and create a strong brand recall factor in our desired target audience. Once we felt confident that our presence was well established, we started with our targeted shopping ads. Not only this gave us a good amount of traffic in the initial months but gave us a good base of prospective buyers for the brand.


After implementing the digital marketing strategy, Eleftheria Cheese saw a significant increase in brand awareness and online sales. With our two-pronged strategy to increase awareness and sales, we achieved amazing results. With our digital marketing strategies and flawless execution, we started seeing a website traffic growth of about 650% and an increase of about 55% in revenue within two months.

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